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Three Reasons to Use Glass Shower Screens Instead of Curtains in Your Rental Property

When preparing a property for rental, there are a lot of decisions to make - big and small. Choosing the right shower screen can be the difference between keeping a bathroom in top shape, or being forced to carry out costly regular maintenance.

Glass shower screens are suitable for all types of shower, whether or not they're combined with a bathtub, and are superior to shower curtains for a number of reasons. Unlike curtains, glass screens won't let any water through and aren't damaged by damp or mould. As an added bonus, they also look much more stylish. Read on for full details of all the benefits - your renters will thank you.

Prevents splashes and leaks

Glass shower screens are made to fit perfectly to the edge of your shower or bathtub, and are held in place with strong, waterproof sealant. This means that there's absolutely no chance of any water escaping. When using shower curtains, the material can often crumple and let water escape underneath, or through the area where curtains meet. Regular overflow from the shower onto the bathroom floor can damage flooring, cause damp to develop, and increases the risk of slipping. Keep your property and your renters safe by choosing a glass shower screen.

Won't need regularly replacing

Even if a shower curtain does manage to prevent water from escaping onto the bathroom floor, it will need replacing regularly. Curtains often stay damp for long periods of time when they are not in use, and this can lead to the development of unsightly black mould. Not only does this look ugly, it's also bad for your renter's health. You'll be forced to replace shower curtains each time you take on a new tenant, which costs you time and money. By installing a shower screen instead, you'll never have to worry about maintenance, as glass is easy to clean and won't be susceptible to mould.

Looks more modern

Aside from the practical benefits, shower screens look much more modern and stylish than curtains. Using glass instead of fabric will make your room look much more open and spacious, which is great in small bathrooms. Sliding panels are easy to fold away when they're not in use, and will look neat and tidy when put away, unlike a messy, bundled-up shower curtain. Shower screens are available in a range of colours and patterns, so it can be a great way to add some extra interest to the appearance of the room, without the need for expensive tiling or decorations. A better looking room will make your property more appealing to potential tenants.