Improving the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

Ideas That Could Turn Your Garden Into a Multifunctional Living Space

An increasing number of Australian homeowners are choosing to turn their outdoor spaces into multiunctional extensions of their living rooms, games rooms and dining areas. If you have a bare lawn or an overgrown wilderness that isn't doing anything to improve your life, why not join the trend and add some new elements to your garden?

Upgrading your garden with an elevated patio, cabinets for storing sports equipment, or even a Jacuzzi is well worth the effort. With more space to entertain, you can invite family and friends round more often. With more storage space, you can keep equipment (or even drinks) stored in convenient places for using outdoors. and many additions will also add value to your property.

If you have space to spare and don't know what to do with it, here are some creative suggestions.

Install a Small-Scale Garden Spa Facility

One of the most enticing garden improvement ideas is to turn part of your outdoor space into a luxury spa. This might sound ambitious, but it's well within reach. Affordable corner spas with hydrotherapy jets and room for two or three occupants can be installed in almost any garden. In fact, many people opt for them as an alternative to pools which are more labour intensive to maintain and costly to install.

Add an Outdoor TV Mount to Your Patio Design

If you've added a Jacuzzi to your garden, why not add something to entertain its occupants while they relax? If installing a TV outdoors sounds like a great idea in theory, remember that it needs to be done properly to prevent damage to the TV itself and protect the safety of users. Achieving this isn't hard though. There are plenty of TV specialists who will apply specially sealed frames around flat screen units that will keep them safe from moisture damage.

Store Cricket, Badminton or Swimming Equipment in an Outdoor Cabinet

Upgrading your garden isn't all about relaxing. It can also be a great way to make the most of your garden for sports and games. Aussies use their gardens for a huge variety of activities, whether it's a few sets of friendly badminton or a simulated garden cricket Test Match. Most of the time, these games require equipment to set up and play, which means digging in the shed or basement for whatever you need.

Instead of going to this effort, it would be much better to enlist professional cabinet makers to build a small equipment cupboard next to your lawn. With their help, your cabinet can be set up with the right blend of boxes, shelves and racks, secured safely from theft and completely rainproofed to keep everything dry.

Ourdoor cabinets, TVs and Jacuzzis aren't the end of the backyard improvement story by any means. From adding a gazebo or a pizza oven to making your garden more soothing with a fountain, there are plenty of possibilities. So feel free to experiment. The result will be added value and a more useful, enjoyable place to spend time.