Improving the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Window Dressing For Your Home

Your home's window dressing may be more important than you realize, as the right curtains, shutters, or shades can provide added insulation around your windows while also giving the space style and warmth. You may also need to think about how much light is blocked by window dressing, if your bedroom faces a streetlight, or you're prone to migraines that are triggered by bright sunlight. Since there are so many choices and styles from which to choose when it comes to how you might cover your home's windows, note a few tips for making that choice.


The fabric of curtains can add softness and warmth to a space, but you need to choose this fabric carefully; if you have printed upholstery on your furniture, you don't want a print on the curtains to clash. You might also find that flowered furniture and flowered curtains might mean just far too many flowers in the room. Trying to match the design of curtains with the design of furniture can mean too much of any one pattern in the space. 

If you choose a solid color for your curtains, you also need to choose this carefully; if it's too dark, this can make your space feel like a cave. If the color is too light, this won't add any warmth or style to the space. Opt for something very neutral when choosing curtains so they always work with any décor.


Shutters are good for cramped spaces where curtains may actually get in the way of furniture. They also offer a traditional, charming look that is good for kitchens and smaller homes. If you like to consistently change the look of your home, timber shutters can be painted somewhat easily. However, if you need maximum light blockage, be sure you choose quality shutters and a professional installer; shutters that aren't measured, cut, and installed properly can allow for gaps between their panels and your window frame, allowing in light even when closed.

Roller shades

Fabric roller shades can soften a room and add warmth like curtains, but they're a better choice for small spaces since they fit inside the window frame. Roller shades can be made with a light-blocking fabric, or they can be very lightweight so they don't seem too dark against a dark paint color on the walls. Thicker shades can also help insulate windows, making them a good choice for older, draftier homes. You can also opt for motorized roller shades so you can operate them with a remote, making them the most convenient option.