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Scorching Summers | Save Your Buffalo Grass From Heat Devastation With These 3 Gardening Approaches

Summers in Australia can get incredibly hot, especially in the northern and western parts of the country. This intense heat can damage your buffalo lawn grass more than you can imagine if you're not vigilant. Lawnmowers and watering hoses are vital tools to keep your grass healthy when the scorching sun belts down on your lawn. This guide helps you save your buffalo grass from heat devastation with these approaches.

Make Sure The Buffalo Grass Height Is Maintained At The Recommended Level

Many homeowners mistakenly end up cutting buffalo grass shorter than recommended, which will reduce the health of the grass over time because it cannot produce adequate energy to grow further. When you maintain the recommended buffalo grass height, your plant roots will remain stronger and less susceptible to pressure from the intense sunrays. Since every grass type has different mowing heights, you should be aware of professional recommendations for your buffalo grass. The recommended mowing height for buffalo grass ranges from 25 to 60 millimetres. Anything below or above this will produce an unsatisfactory lawn. Your local nursery where you purchased the grass from should be able to offer a specific recommended height based on the soil conditions in the area where you live.

Don't Assume That Your Grass Needs To Be Completely Saturated

It's easy to assume that your grass is parched when the weather is hot outside, so you probably end up saturating the grass more than you need to during the watering process. If you keep your buffalo grass constantly submerged, oxygen is not allowed to pass thorough the roots. This extreme level of wetness will result in bacteria and microorganisms growing, which can damage your buffalo grass over time. As a rule of thumb, look for signs of dehydrating buffalo grass before deciding to saturate it once again. This ensures that your grass roots get the oxygen they need to remain healthy and bacteria-free.

Avoid Blunt Edges That Can Ruin Your Buffalo Grass

All lawnmowers have blades, which are used to cut your buffalo grass. But over time, regular mowing will cause the edges to turn blunt. If you fail to notice this problem, you will end up giving your grass an uneven cut. This is because blunt blade edges tend to pull grass from the roots, instead of giving it a swift cut with a sharp blade. This pressure on the grass will cause damage to your lawn over time, especially with the scorching sun beating down on your lawn. You can either sharpen the blades of your lawnmowers on your own using blade sharpening kits or you can get a professional to do it for you.