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Kitchen Scheme | 3 Clever Lessons To Design A Clutter-Free Kitchen

Kitchens are at the helm of practically every home, so you'll naturally want the space to be as aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient as possible. Clutter is both unsightly and can disrupt your regular schedule, so you'll want to get rid of it as much as possible. If you're planning to re-design your kitchen to remove clutter from the floors, then you've made a good decision to enhance the look of your cooking space. This guide equips you with clever lessons to plan clutter-free kitchen renovation designs.

Ensure Ample Storage With Sleek Cabinets

Many people make the mistake of ignoring storage when planning designs for kitchens. In reality, storage is perhaps the single most important factor for freeing the space from clutter because you're bound to have plenty of cooking utensils and spices that need to be placed somewhere. Your kitchen should include sleek cabinets above the ground to remove clutter from floors. This cabinet storage space will allow you to place items like utensils, spices, groceries, dishwashing liquids and crockery from plain sign to make kitchens look neat and clutter free.

Design A Seamless Walk-In Pantry

If space permits, walk-in pantries are ideal because you can seamlessly pick up cooking items without worrying about where to find them. Walk-in pantries are best designed in spaces that may go to waste otherwise. For instance, areas under staircases or along kitchen corners are typically wasted, so you could use these spaces intelligently to design a seamless walk-in pantry for reducing clutter in other kitchen places. Walk-in pantries with sliding doors are especially nice because they do not utilise much additional space and are practical for ensuring a tidy area once your cooking job is complete.

Introduce Open Shelves For Decorative And Functional Appeal

If your kitchen is looking too crowded and cluttered, then you may want to consider introducing open shelves for both decorative and functional appeal, while taking clutter away from your floors or countertops. Open shelves placed on unused walls have the ability to add aesthetic appeal, while placing items like crockery, glasses and cups on them reduces clutter from other spaces in your kitchen. You can design open shelves to match the existing décor of your kitchen to create a cohesive and clutter-free appearance for your cooking space.

Kitchens should ideally be as neat as possible to help you find exactly what you're looking for when you cook. Consider these factors when looking to design a clutter-free cooking space.