Improving the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

How to Make Your House More Cat-Friendly

If you are planning on adopting a cat, you first need to get your house ready for it. Cats are very easy to care for, but there are some basic amenities that can make them feel more at home. Here are some easy ways to make your house more cat-friendly.

Give Your Cat Its Own Space

One thing cats like is to have their own space when they choose to be alone. If the cat doesn't have anywhere it can hide and be away from other family members or pets, it might be more inclined to go outside more often. It doesn't have to be a large space, but a corner of a room that is quiet and not often occupied by people or dogs will do. Set up the cat's space with a cat bed, foot and water, and a scratch post and toys. This allows them to get away from the noise of the household and take a nap or play with their toys.

Offer Access to Window Ledges

Cats love to look outside, but if you don't provide them with space on the window ledges, they're going to find their way to the window regardless. If you don't want your cat knocking down plants or bumping over items on a desk underneath a window, provide them with clear window ledges. Try to keep furniture with delicate items away from the windows. It is okay to have sofa or chair in front of a window, as it gives the cat something to sit on while it looks outside. However, don't have a shelf or desk with fragile figurines directly under the window. If you can install a cat ledge underneath one of the windows, your cat will love it.

Offer Scratching Posts

If you don't provide your cats with something to scratch, they are going to go after your furniture. Make sure plenty of scratching posts are scattered around your house, preferably close to other furniture. If your cat sees a tall scratching post next to your sofa, it is less likely to attack the sofa. This not only keeps your cats happy but prevents them from damaging your upholstered or leather furniture.

Install a Cat Flap in the Door

When you have a cat that enjoys going outside and isn't strictly an inside cat, it can get inconvenient to be constantly opening and closing the door. A good way to remedy this is by having a cat flap installed on a current door, which is a type of door just for cats. These types of pet doors let the cat go inside and outside with more freedom but can also be locked at night to keep away unwanted visitors.