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Organising your built-in wardrobe to make it look tidier and larger

Built-in wardrobes are excellent options for those who have a lot of clothes, but without the space in their homes to build a walk in closet. A built-in wardrobe has the same function as a walk in closet, as it is its own structure rather than just a standalone closet. However, as you do have more space than an ordinary standalone closet, it's easy to make it look messy by not sorting it properly. By organising your built-in wardrobe, you can also make it seem bigger, which makes a walk in closet redundant. To organise your built-in wardrobe, there are a few things you can think about.

Adjusted shelves

The first thing you should think about when organising your built-in closet is the shelving. Many small shelves can make the space look cluttered, even though they're not full. By adjusting the shelves in your built-in wardrobe to different heights you create spaces that are varying in size, which will give the wardrobe an interesting look, but also give you the opportunity to store different items of different sizes on the shelves without making them look too full.


Utilise the doors of your built-in wardrobe. By placing hooks on the insides of your wardrobe doors, you can hang up smaller items that you use often and need to have easy access to. You could hang up bags, belts, and scarves on the inside of the door and free up hanging space inside the wardrobe itself. If you don't want to harm your doors by screwing in them, you can opt for hangers that you hang over the top of the door instead.

Hanging jewellery

If you have any empty walls inside your built-in wardrobe, you can utilise these to hang up jewellery and other small items. Using nails and thin steel-wire, you can create a stair like creation where you can put your necklaces and earrings. This might also make the wardrobe look more aesthetically pleasing as you show off your most beautiful items off by hanging them up.

Shoe storage

To fit your shoes, you can use one or more of the drawers in your built-in wardrobe to create compartments where you store your shoes. This keeps them off the floor, which makes the wardrobe look tidier. If you don't have any free drawers, there are different solutions like shoe hangers and shoe carousels where you hang your shoes from clamps. This also keeps your shoes out in the open, but without cluttering up the floor of the wardrobe.


Finally, if you have any additional wall space, you should consider installing mirrors inside your built-in wardrobe. This is a great way of creating an illusion of additional space, as well as giving you a mirror you can use when trying on your clothes in the wardrobe. Mirrors can also be fitted on the wall behind shelves for the visual effect alone.