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Floor Maintenance Tricks | 4 Smart Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is an inexpensive and durable floor solution that has soared in popularity in many homes. Starting from approximately $25 per square metre for low-cost vinyl flooring, you can choose between different types of designs, colours, styles and finishes to resonate with the theme of your room. Besides installing vinyl floor tiles from a place like Kelwin Coastal Carpets, you'll also need to consider ongoing maintenance to ensure that they remain pristine and in good condition. Here are some smart tips for cleaning vinyl flooring.

Low-Impact Cleaning Works Best on Vinyl Flooring

No matter how tempted you are, stay away from harsh and heavy-duty cleaners that are highly acidic or alkaline in nature because they could fade and discolour your vinyl floors. Instead, clean vinyl flooring using mild and neutral detergent solutions smartly. The best way to keep vinyl floors clean is through vacuuming and sweeping regularly. Mild detergent should be used sparsely with a damp mop without immersing the tiles in pools of water. Excess water will embed itself into seams, edges and cracks –– this can destroy the glue that bonds vinyl and cause it to come undone from the floors. These low-impact cleaning solutions will ensure that your vinyl flooring retains its flawless appearance.

Remove All Residual Soap from the Ground

Detergent liquid and soaps are good for removing stains and spills from floors, but you must take extreme care to remove all residual soap from the ground with a damp mop. This is because residual soap scum deposits a layer of film on the floor, which will collect more dirt over time. This makes your vinyl flooring dirty more often, causing you a greater maintenance headache than before. Rinse out the soap as much as possible with a water-laden mop.

Restore Shine using Polyurethane Coating

Vinyl flooring usually has a polyurethane coating that gives it a brilliant shine. Over time, this shine can fade away. Use a high-quality polyurethane coating that is especially designed for vinyl flooring. Before applying the coating, ensure that your floor is cleaned thoroughly. Apply a few layers of coating as instructed on the manufacturer's box. Routine damp mopping will help retain the shine, but stay away from abrasive cleaners as much as possible. Polyurethane coating can be purchased from a local home improvement store.

Use a Doormat to Deter Dirt

While durable, vinyl flooring is susceptible to dirt and chemicals. Dirty shoes can invite plenty of dirt and grime into your home, which could harm your floors over time. Gritty dirt will start removing the finishing coat from your floors and can cause them to discolour. A simple doormat will ensure that outdoor dirt doesn't enter your home as easily.

Keeping vinyl flooring clean is an important task for homeowners –– these smart tips are designed to help you do the best cleaning job possible.