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Blind Cords Can Kill: Two Tips to Make Your New Blinds Safe for Your Children

In Australia and New Zealand, young children are dying due to injuries sustained from becoming entangled in blind cords. Getting new blinds for your home is an exciting way to update the decor, but when you are hanging your blinds you must make sure that you keep the youngsters in your home safe at the same time. Here are two ways that you can keep your kids free of blind cord entanglement.

Never Place Children's Cots or High Chairs Near Blind Covered Windows

As your little ones become inquisitive and mobile, they will learn how to stand up in their cot, or lean over in their highchair. To make sure they cannot reach the cords hanging from your blinds, you must make sure the furniture is moved away well from their reach.

In a similar vein, once they grow a little older and are allowed to sit on the living room couch, or have their own seat at the kitchen table, both these furnishings should be moved away from blind cords as well. Not only can your youngster accidentally get entangled in the cord, but they could fall and experience a head trauma while trying to reach for the cord. They can easily topple over and lose their balance.

Don't Have Long Cords

Long cords that reach down to the ground are also a hazard to young children. They can be wrapped around the neck if your child tries to play with them. It is regulated under the Competition and Consumer (Corded Internal Window Coverings) Safety Standard 2014 that came into effect at the beginning of 2015 that you must keep the end of the cord at least 160 cm off the ground.

To be extra cautious, you should purchase a small hook at your local hardware store. This can be attached to your wall at adult shoulder height. The cord can then be wrapped around the hook, and this will prevent it from dangling anywhere near the floor.

If you are unsure about the positioning of your new blinds, and how to keep the cords out of the hands of your children, ask the blind manufacturer to recommend a professional installer for you. The installer knows exactly how to make sure your blind cords don't get into little hands. Not only will this save the life of your child, but it will also extend the life of your brand new blinds. For more information, contact your local blinds provider (such as Ocean Grove Blinds & Awnings).