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Aluminium vs. Vinyl vs. Steel Screen Doors

The installation of screen doors in homes presents a variety of benefits, including increasing curb appeal, improving energy savings and enhancing security. When you are looking for an ideal product, you should consider the application, configuration and size before purchase. Though the screen will be installed over a sturdy front door, it is imperative that you choose a resilient material that can offer sufficient protection when your primary door is open. The main materials used for production of screen doors are aluminium, vinyl and steel. Consider this short description of each door type to determine the right choice for you.


This metal has been used for construction of screen doors for many years. The high density of the material and the general weight is ideal for deterring intruders and resisting impact. Aluminium is also not affected by exposure to extreme temperatures or moist environments. These properties contribute to the enhanced durability of the door.

There are, however, attached disadvantages of aluminium screen doors. The cost of acquiring the product is high, and buying a screen door that merely has an aluminium frame will be insufficient in terms of security. In addition, the metal is a good conductor of heat, which lowers energy efficiency in the home, especially during the hot and cold seasons, and extra charges will apply for removable solar screens.


More homeowners are choosing to install vinyl screen doors because they are generally cheap. They also require minimal maintenance and are highly energy efficient due to the insulating properties. Vinyl is not affected adversely by moisture, and the surface does not show obvious evidence of scratches and cracks.

Unfortunately, most vinyl screens are not designed for extensive functionality in terms of security against intruders. They may also sustain extensive damage during storms and general wear and tear will occur within a few years. It is only advisable to use this as a shield against insects on upstairs balcony doorways, which are not directly accessible.


Steel is a sturdy metal with the capability to withstand impact and harsh climatic conditions. In terms of security, this is the ideal material for a screen door. There are many framework designs available in the market, and you can choose powder-coat finishes for enhanced contemporary appeal. However, the cost of high quality steel is limiting to most homeowners, and like aluminium, the material is a good conductor of heat. Furthermore, low grade steel is susceptible to rust when exposed to humid environments.

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