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4 Reasons Why You Should Select A Zero Turn Lawnmower For Your Commercial Property

Do you have commercial property that is in need of some lawn maintenance, but are not sure which lawn mower you should hire for the job? Then consider a zero turn lawnmower; as the name suggests, their main characteristic is that they have a turning radius of zero. To find out if this is the lawn mower for your commercial property, read on for 4 of their top advantages.

1. High Degree Of Manoeuvrability

By moving your arms backwards and forwards, the lawn mower is able to move in every direction. The dual wheel mechanism allows the lawn mower to have much higher manoeuvrability than other models on the market such as the gang reel or self propelled models. This characteristic would be advantageous for those who own a lawn that has a variety of features that need to be navigated through.

2. Time Saving

As a result of high manoeuvrability, zero turn lawn mowers are able to mow a lawn in half the time of other models. This saves you time, and if the size of your lawn is huge, then the amount of time saved could represent significant labour cost savings. Furthermore, if the mowing of a lawn is a distraction to your clients – for example, if you owned a golf course that needed some mowing – then a quicker mowing time means a shorter downtime for your services.

3. Better Looking Cut

The typical zero lawn mower has a considerably quicker blade speed, and that means the quality of the cut will be better. Also, the quick blade speed means that a process known as mulching, which is the cutting of leaves, will take place without a problem. If the quality of the grass on your commercial property is something that clients see on a daily basis, then cutting it to the highest quality will improve your commercial image.

4. Less Maintenance

Due to the fact that zero turn mowers are able to complete the job quicker, it means less fuel will need to be topped up at the end of a job. It also means there will be a lower amount of wear and tear on the engine. This will increase the lifetime of the lawn mower, and therefore your operating costs will go down considerably. For those who have a limited lawn maintenance budget, then choosing a zero turn mower makes a lot of economic sense. 

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