Why Opt for Custom Curtains for Your Home?

Custom curtains may seem like a luxury, but keep in mind that window treatments need to look good and be functional and they also need to last for years and years. It can be a good choice to have curtains made in a particular fabric and with a particular type of rod that suits your home and your needs. Note a few benefits of having custom ready made curtains made for your home. [Read More]

When is a hotel not a hotel? A guide for the perplexed.

When you're booking accommodation for your trip to Australia, you may find some of the terminology a little confusing. While most Australian travel terms are similar to their counterparts from elsewhere in the world, the word "hotel" has a unique meaning in Australia; some establishments called hotels aren't what a visitor would think of as hotels, and some establishments a foreigner would consider hotels go by other names.  Hotels If you're looking for accommodation, especially outside a large city, don't assume that a place has the amenities you'd expect from a modern hotel just because it has " [Read More]

Window Treatments | 4 Strategies To Make Blinds the Bold Centre of Attention

It's natural to feel tired of your plain old window treatments that do nothing to elevate the decorative value of your room. Bold new blinds have the ability to transform your boring windows into aesthetically appealing focal points without much of an effort. Bold window blinds not only add decorative appeal, but they also equip you with much-needed privacy for your rooms. Make a dramatic statement with your window blinds by following these ideas to make them the most admired part of a room's decor. [Read More]

Handy Safety Tips for Fire Prevention around the Home

Taking safety for granted around the home will not only pose a health risk to your family members, but it also puts you at risk of paying exorbitant amounts of money when it comes to damages sustained by the premises. One of the worst types of disasters that could happen is fire. To ensure you are not victim to this, the right precautionary measures should be taken for fire prevention in and around the home. [Read More]