The Top 3 Things That Affect the Efficiency of Your AC

The manufacturers of air conditioning systems do their best to make very efficient components. However, many factors within the home limit how well those systems condition the air inside a home. This article discusses the top three things that can lower the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Use this information to conduct regular maintenance and air conditioning repairs on your system so that it functions at peak levels. Leaky Ducts [Read More]

Five Items to Help Keep Your Wooden Shutters Clean

Keeping your wood shutters clean makes the exterior of your home look clean and tidy, but cleaning your shutters can be challenging thanks to all of their slats and angles. To make the task easier, take a look at these five essential items. They promise to make the next time you clean your wood shutters a success: 1. A long-handled duster Ideally, you should dust your shutters once a week to remove dust, dirt, cobwebs and other debris. [Read More]

Solar Hot Water Systems

A solar hot water system harnesses energy from the sun, which is converted to thermal energy used to heat water from the main tank. Solar hot water systems may be expensive in the beginning due to installation costs, but they are cheaper than electric, oil and gas systems in the long run. Once the system has been installed, costs are reduced since solar energy is free and inexhaustible. Although solar water systems do not entirely replace the conventional water heaters, they provide a substantially large percentage of a building's total hot water needs. [Read More]

Floor Maintenance Tricks | 4 Smart Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is an inexpensive and durable floor solution that has soared in popularity in many homes. Starting from approximately $25 per square metre for low-cost vinyl flooring, you can choose between different types of designs, colours, styles and finishes to resonate with the theme of your room. Besides installing vinyl floor tiles from a place like Kelwin Coastal Carpets, you'll also need to consider ongoing maintenance to ensure that they remain pristine and in good condition. [Read More]