Growing Plants As Gifts

Giving people plants for gifts is a wonderful way to give a gift that truly does keep giving. Plants also have the benefit of being remarkably cheap to gift - especially for plants that you can grow from seedlings or off cuts. Read on to discover what the easiest plants to grow are and see why you should always stock up on cheap garden pots. Herbs One of the easiest and cheapest herbs to grow is mint. [Read More]

Four Signs You are Hiring the Right Removalists for Your Move

When you get ready to move you want to find a removalist that is professional and can handle all of your items with care, regardless of the distance or the amount of items. This means that you can't choose the first removalist company you find. You need to take the choice seriously and look for certain key points that help the right removalists stand out. Here are four signs that you are hiring the right ones for the job. [Read More]