Patio makeover ideas to consider for your home

The patio is one of the few spaces in your home that is just waiting to be turned into something brilliant. You can use you patio to create extra living and recreational space that makes your home more cosy and even improves resale value. The following are some great ideas that you can consider: Outdoor kitchen and bar If you love to cook and host parties, and enjoy great weather most of the year round, you can consider building an outdoor kitchen and bar. [Read More]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sliding Gates

Are you in the process of buying a sliding gate and would like to know what things must be considered? Then take the time to learn the various advantages and disadvantages of sliding gates. By doing so, your ability to make an educated decision regarding if sliding gates are a great match for your home will be increased. With that thought in mind, here are the most common advantages and disadvantages of sliding gates: [Read More]

Blind Cords Can Kill: Two Tips to Make Your New Blinds Safe for Your Children

In Australia and New Zealand, young children are dying due to injuries sustained from becoming entangled in blind cords. Getting new blinds for your home is an exciting way to update the decor, but when you are hanging your blinds you must make sure that you keep the youngsters in your home safe at the same time. Here are two ways that you can keep your kids free of blind cord entanglement. [Read More]

Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

The lighting in the kitchen space affects the general functionality of the room as well as the design. The right choice will highlight the decor, create favourable ambiance and ensure that there are no inconvenient dark spots. There are different layers of light which can be installed during a kitchen remodel to help you achieve ideal illumination. Task lighting is designed primarily for expediency, accent is favourable in highlighting and emphasizing the depth and dimensions of the room and decorative is basically installed to make the space more interesting. [Read More]