How to take home improvement inspiration from Japan

The current trend for minimalism isn't as modern as it seems. Simple, elegant designs have been a staple of Japanese design for centuries.  The key principle of Japanese design is that everything visible should have at least one purpose. This post will look at ways to allow as much air and light as possible in by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. After centuries of building houses with this minimalist goal in mind, Japanese architects have some great tricks which you can adapt in your own home. [Read More]

Home Maintenance | 3 Handy Tips For Cleaning Roof Gutters Efficiently

Gutter cleaning is often perceived as cumbersome and boring, but it is an inevitable task that cannot be avoided when you own a home. If you think you can simply jump onto the roof to get it done spontaneously, think again − several things can go awry without proper preparation. While it is not difficult or laborious to undertake gutter cleaning, here are some handy tips to help you clean your gutters more efficiently through proper preparation. [Read More]

Why a Multi-unit Design is a Good Investment Choice as Rental Property

Owning a rental property can be a good way to earn an income, as you can keep rent checks coming in while actually doing very little work, if you hire a property management company to handle all the paperwork and maintenance for you. If you've thought about owning a rental property and are looking to choose between an investment house versus an apartment complex or a duplex, you might want to note why the multi-unit design is often the better choice. [Read More]

Tips on Choosing Edible Flowers for Your Garden

Growing your own food can be immensely rewarding, but there may be areas of your garden, particularly in your front garden, that you don't want to plant a vegetable patch. Choosing plants with edible flowers allows you to create beautiful flower beds and your neighbours won't have any idea you're actually growing food. Edible flowers have long been used for making teas and adding to salads and soups, but most people don't know which flowers are edible, how they taste or how to use them. [Read More]