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5 Simple Maintenance Tricks to Get Your Portable Air Conditioner (AC) in Good Shape

When temperatures begin to rise in the summer, you should be planning to move your portable air conditioner from the storage room where it has probably been lying since the last autumn. However, because the unit has been in storage for quite a while, you will need to perform basic maintenance procedures to ensure that it works properly. Here are five quick maintenance tricks for the portable unit.

Remove Dirt and Dust from the Interior -- There is a high likelihood that the portable air conditioner has accumulated dust and debris in the storage room. You will have to open the unit's cover to access the filters. Remove dirt and dust from the louvers and vents with a vacuum cleaner. A hose attached to the vacuum cleaner can be vital in sucking up all the debris in this equipment.

Cleanse the Condenser Coils -- If you are a DIY enthusiast, use a homemade combo of water, lemon juice, and vinegar to clean the condenser coils. Alternatively, you can purchase a special cleaner in your local store to clean grime, grease, and dirt. To remove any form of dirt from the coils, spray the solution and leave it undisturbed for a few minutes. Do not scrub because you run the risk of damaging the coils.

Replace Filters -- Use warm water to rinse the portable AC filters and allow them to dry completely before installing them back. However, when the filters are damaged, replace them with new ones according to the manufacturer's instructions. When your unit is fitted with the activated carbon filters for purifying indoor air, you will need to replace these filters at least twice every year for maximum efficiency.

Cleaning the Exterior -- Make sure that the AC is turned off and not plugged into the power socket before you start cleaning the exterior to avoid the risk of electrocution. A damp cloth is adequate in wiping dirt off the outer surface of the unit. Never use detergents, which can corrode the surface of the AC.

Test The Portable AC -- After cleaning the unit and reassembling all the parts, you are now ready to test the AC. Turn on the portable AC and allow it to run for a couple of minutes while you listen for any heavy vibrations or strange humming sound that might be a sign of mechanical fault. If the AC passes the test, you can now install the exhaust pipe to verify if the unit blows cold air as it should do.