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Should you rekey or replace your lock?

When you lose a house key or your house lock has suddenly stopped working properly, you might be thinking about either rekeying or replacing the locks. The following questions will help you figure out which of these tasks needs to be performed by a locksmith.

Is the lock working?

If you have an older door lock that is faulty or worn, it might stop working, even with access to the key. Rekeying only changes the pins inside the lock, but not the entire lock itself. When a lock is giving you operational issues, it is often better to change it completely. It is very possible that if you just have it rekeyed by a locksmith, it won't actually solve the problem and you will still need to replace the lock. A locksmith can also come out to look at it and let you know whether you need a new lock or not.

Are you concerned about security?

A common reason to have a lock rekeyed is when you are concerned about security. For example, you might have had a roommate move out recently, and there is no way to know if they made extra copies of the key. In this case, you don't really need a brand new lock; you just need it rekeyed so that any keys they made won't work on the lock. Similarly, you might need to have your locks rekeyed if someone in your household lost their house key or had their purse stolen with the key inside.

Does the lock look worn?

You may have a house lock that looks worn and rusted, possibly corroding. This is not just a sign of having an older lock, but it may also take away from the appearance of your home. When you have a home that has recently been updated with a fresh coat of paint and brand new appliances, having an old, rusty doorknob and lock can really take away from its aesthetic appeal. Not to mention how much at risk you might be from a lock that is worn and might be easier to break into. For both of these reasons, you should have a worn lock replaced instead of just rekeying it.

Has it been a while since the locks have been rekeyed?

Another good reason to have a house lock rekeyed is if you haven't had it done in a few years. Over time, you might not know how many house keys are floating around, with the occasional lost spare key that was never found. In this case, it is a good idea to have the locks rekeyed and give brand new keys to those still living in your home.