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How To Seal Clay Roof Tiles

Traditional clay roof tiles are durable and look great, but they do require sealing from time-to-time in order to protect the top layer from water damage and seepage into the roof space beneath, and this is particularly important if you're undertaking a roof restoration project.

You can do this job yourself with a little basic DIY knowledge and the right equipment.  Read on to find out more.

What You'll Need

·deck brush

·washing-up liquid and warm water


·folding ladder

·air compressor


·face mask

·spraying machine

If you don't already have one, you can hire an air compressor and a spraying machine from good tool hire shops.  Roof tile sealant is obtainable through good DIY stores or from specialist roofing suppliers.

How to Do It

1.Before you begin to seal the roof, you'll need to make sure that the tiles are clean.  To do this, you'll need to manually scrub the tiles down using a deck brush and a solution of washing-up liquid and warm water.   

2.Hose the roof down to remove the soap and debris, and allow it to dry before proceeding to seal the tiles.  

3.You'll need to begin applying the sealant by working from the highest part of the roof down to the guttering so that you don't come into contact with areas you've just treated.  

4.Set the folding ladder so that the fold bends over the edge of the roof and the lower section extends either vertically or at an angle downwards.  This positioning is important for safety, as it means that the ladder is stabilised at ground level and also spreads your weight over the roof tiles.  For safety reasons, always have a helper to 'foot' the bottom of the ladder for you in case it slips.  

5.Prepare the sealer as directed in the manufacturer's instructions.  Fill the reservoir on the sprayer with the prepared sealer.  Put on your face mask so that you don't inhale any of the fine spray of sealant as you work.  

6.Mount the ladder, and make your way to the starting point for the job.  Ask your helper to turn on the compressor.  The helper will then need to remain at the foot of the ladder, holding it for support, while you're working.  

7.Now, spray the sealer onto the tiles, using long, sweeping strokes.  Try to cover as much of the surface as possible, and then move the ladder accordingly until you've covered all of the tiles.  Pay particular attention to areas that are most prone to leaks, such as flashings or joins.

In conclusion

To protect your clay roof tiles from the elements and to keep them waterproof, it's necessary to periodically apply a coat of sealant.  You can do this yourself by following the guidelines set out above. Check out companies like Reliable Restorations for more information.