Improving the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

Top Tips To Reduce Air Conditioning Running Costs

An expensive but necessary running cost for many homes is an air conditioning unit.  Keeping cool and comfortable during scorching summer weather is obviously a must, but the resulting electricity bill can leave you feeling more than a little hot under the collar.  Here are some novel ideas on how you can make your air conditioning run more efficiently to save money on fuel bills.

Natural shade

The majority of the heat that builds-up inside your home is generated by the sun shining onto your roof.  Even if you keep your curtains drawn or pull down your blinds, some solar heat will still get in. 

A great way of keeping the sun at bay is by planting shade-giving trees and shrubs around the exterior of your house.  The cooler you can keep your home naturally, the less you will have to spend on air conditioning running costs.  Visit your local nursery to find out what species of trees will grow best in your soil type and climate.

Solar screens

A really good way of keeping the sun's heat out of your rooms is to install mesh solar screens on your windows.  The mesh is designed to allow a clear view out of the house through the windows, whilst shading the interior from the sun and helping to keep the rooms cool.  Solar screens also have the added benefit of keeping insects out, and this means that you can enjoy the cooler evening air through open windows, without being plagued by mosquitos.

Home and away

While you're at home, you'll obviously need to lower your air conditioner's thermostat in order to keep cool.  However, you can make considerable savings on running costs simply by turning the unit off and allowing the temperature to rise when you're away and when the nights are cooler.

Fan tactics

The key to efficient fan operation is where you locate them.  By opening the windows downstairs on the windward side of your property and placing fans upstairs only, you are encouraging air to circulate around your home.  The moving air encourages sweat to evaporate from your skin, cooling you efficiently and naturally, as well as saving you money.

Routine maintenance

Your air conditioning unit won't run efficiently if you don't look after it.  Changing or cleaning the filter at the end of every summer season is essential, so make sure you include this simple job in your list of routine maintenance tasks every year.  In addition, make sure that the unit is standing level to allow condensation to drain away efficiently.

In conclusion

With a little thought and initial investment, you can make considerable savings on running your air conditioning unit.  If your electricity bills seem to be disproportionately high, have the air conditioning unit looked over by an expert.  If the unit is old and faulty, it won't work as efficiently as a new one, and replacement might be the most economic option.