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The Pros and Cons of Having Native Plants in Your Front Yard

Many homeowners may find it difficult to choose between native plants and non-native plants when they wish to establish a green landscape. This difficulty may be due to a lack of sufficient information on the pros and cons of the two options. Read on and discover some of the reasons why you should plant native species in your yard. You will also learn some of the disadvantages of native plants.

The Pros

They are easy to obtain. Native plants are indigenous to the area. This makes them very plentiful. It is therefore very easy for you to obtain them when you want to plant them in your yard. The ready supply of these native plants may also make them affordable to buy.

They are environmentally friendly. Native plants have already been thriving in your climatic zone. Consequently, you may not need to use plenty of water to keep them luxuriant. Native plants may also have a high degree of resistance to the common pests and diseases in the area. This may eliminate the need to use pesticides as you maintain those plants. Native plants also provide food for native species of insects and birds (such as bees and butterflies). This helps to conserve the biodiversity of the area. Such environmental benefits may make native plants appealing to you if you value environmental conservation.

They easily blend into the community around you. You will find native plants growing in several parts of your area (such as in the woods near your home). This makes it possible for you to get that feeling of being outdoors each time you step into your yard.

The Cons

Their variety may be limited. Native plants may not offer you the wide variety of colour or durability that you would like to have in your landscape. For instance, many of the native plants in your area may be brightly coloured. This can deny you the chance of having lighter colours in your landscape.

They may require more upkeep. The conditions in the front yard of your home may be different from the conditions that the native plants thrive in. for instance, you may wish to plant them in the clay soil that was left by the homebuilder. Such soil may not suit the native plants. This may compel you to use fertilisers to ensure that those plants grow. However, this is only an issue if the soil in your yard has been significantly changed from the natural soil in the area. 

You need to talk to experts such as nursery growers before you decide whether to plant native or non-native plants in your yard. Their expert advice will help you to bring your dream landscape into reality. For instance, the expert may advise you on how to mix native plants with non-native ones so that you can have a beautiful landscape throughout the year.

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