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Air Conditioning Repairs | 4 Step-By-Step Lessons To Clean Air Conditioning Filters

Cleaning your cooling unit's filters is an important strategy to enhance its efficiency and longevity. Filters can get dirty over prolonged use thanks to the accumulation of allergens, dust and grime. Dirty filters force the air conditioning unit to work harder to stay cool. The increased stress will end up skyrocketing your energy bills, so don't ignore periodic filter cleaning. These cleaning strategies will ensure that your cooling unit can avoid air conditioning repairs because of poorly performing filters. Here are some step-by-step lessons for cleaning your filters.

Open the Air Conditioner and Remove the Filters

Start by turning off the main switch and carefully removing the air conditioner components to get to the air filters. Remove the air conditioner filters and inspect them for any damage. If you spot rips and tears, you are better off replacing them because worn out filters will reduce cooling efficiency. You can get replacement filters at an air conditioner sales and service store. If your filters aren't damaged, then you will simply need to clean them. 

Vacuum and Sanitise the Filters

Once you're satisfied that the filters are reusable, place them on a flat surface and clean them with a high-powered vacuum cleaner to get rid of the surface dirt and grime. Fill your bathtub or a large bucket with water and liquid detergent until you notice froth forming. Submerge the filters in this solution. You can also add some vinegar to kill accumulated bacteria and allergens on the filters. Vinegar contains acetic acid that can cut through bacteria to loosen them from surfaces. Let the filters sit in this solution for a few hours to give them a thorough clean.

Drain and Dry the Filters

Remove the filters from the cleaning solution and let it drain off thoroughly. Place the filters on a towel, allowing it to absorb the excess solution. Let the filters dry naturally on the towel. You can leave the filters in your backyard or in a well-ventilated room to speed up the drying process. You should ideally find a location with good sunshine to expedite drying.

Refit the Filters on the Air Conditioner

Once the filters have dried thoroughly, you will need to refit them on the air conditioning unit once again. Follow the same process you used to remove the filters in reverse and switch on your air conditioner to inspect it.

These smart cleaning steps will prevent you from having to invest in air conditioning repairs later thanks to poorly performing filters.

If, during the course of the cleaning, you notice issues with the AC unit, reach out to a company that specializes in air conditioning repairs for further help.