Improving the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

Why Opt for Custom Curtains for Your Home?

Custom curtains may seem like a luxury, but keep in mind that window treatments need to look good and be functional and they also need to last for years and years. It can be a good choice to have curtains made in a particular fabric and with a particular type of rod that suits your home and your needs. Note a few benefits of having custom ready made curtains made for your home.

1. Choosing thicker or thinner material

Thick curtain panels can block out extra light, which is good for those who suffer from migraine headaches or who are especially sensitive to sunlight. They can also provide added protection from the sun for those who live in tropical areas, and they also work to keep out cold air in the winter months.

On the other hand, if you need curtains for a small room, you may want thinner and more lightweight material that is in proportion to the room, which won't get in the way of foot traffic. You may not be able to find the exact thickness of material you want for your space in particular from curtains sold in stores, so having them custom made can be the better option.

2. Choosing design

Since your curtains should last for years to come, you might want to invest in a particular design that suits your home. This can be something that coordinates with the fabric of your furniture or an unusual paint color. If you had your furniture custom made or chose the upholstery for it, you may be able to have curtains made in a complementary design or fabric. If you have an unusual wallpaper on the walls, custom curtains can coordinate better than the limited design options in the store. This can ensure you are happy with your window dressing for years to come.

3. Custom tracks and rods

The tracks and rods on which your curtains hang can be more important to your home's overall look and your comfort than you realize. Larger tracks and rods can anchor your curtains and give them weight so they fill up a space, whereas small rods can make them seem less obtrusive and allow them to hang closer to the wall so they don't crowd a small room. Custom tracks can make for easier opening and closing which can be good over large spaces, when curtains may tend to get bunched up.