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Window Treatments | 4 Strategies To Make Blinds the Bold Centre of Attention

It's natural to feel tired of your plain old window treatments that do nothing to elevate the decorative value of your room. Bold new blinds have the ability to transform your boring windows into aesthetically appealing focal points without much of an effort. Bold window blinds not only add decorative appeal, but they also equip you with much-needed privacy for your rooms. Make a dramatic statement with your window blinds by following these ideas to make them the most admired part of a room's decor.

Use Contrasting Colours for Maximum Impact 

If you really want to make a visual impact with your window blinds, you'll choose a colour that dramatically contrasts with your walls to stand out. For example, bright reds and purples against cream or white walls stand out magnificently, while off-white or pastel beige blinds look brilliant when offset against rosewood-coloured walls. By choosing contrasting colours or pops of colour, you will bring extra attention to your window blinds.

Install Blinds that are Larger than your Windows

Most windows are housed in the middle and take up a relatively small proportion of a wall in the room. Install blinds that start much higher than the top level of your windows and extend well beyond the width of the windows. This creates the impression of bigger windows by drawing the eye towards the large blinds, transforming them into a dramatic focal point in any room.

Choose Patterned Blinds that Resonate with your Taste

There's no reason to fear patterns, especially when you're looking to make a bold statement in your bedroom or living room. Patterned blinds feature a sense of elegant richness when offset against neutral or pastel décor. For example, bold red stripes, gorgeous paisley patterns or dramatic floral prints look fantastic against solid-coloured neutral walls and transform your blinds into visually attractive focal points. Be sure to choose patterned blinds that appeal to your personal taste and style because you have to live with them in your home.

Make a Statement with your Fabric

Even the fabric you choose will make a dramatic impact on your window blinds. If you want to make your window blinds the centre of attraction, you should choose thicker block-out fabric instead of translucent see-through fabrics that blend into your wall décor. Block-out fabrics also deliver much-needed privacy for the room, while allowing sunlight to enter when raised up.

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