Improving the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

The lighting in the kitchen space affects the general functionality of the room as well as the design. The right choice will highlight the decor, create favourable ambiance and ensure that there are no inconvenient dark spots. There are different layers of light which can be installed during a kitchen remodel to help you achieve ideal illumination. Task lighting is designed primarily for expediency, accent is favourable in highlighting and emphasizing the depth and dimensions of the room and decorative is basically installed to make the space more interesting. By combining all the layers, you can achieve an exceptional environment which is warm, comfortable and functional.

Recessed Lights

The popularity of recessed lights is attributed to the fact that they are functional and enhance the design of the room. Consider installing ceiling units over the important parts of the space including over the sink and above cabinets and countertops. With lights covering the entire perimeter of the kitchen, you will avoid the shadows created when standing at your work stations. You can also use them to highlight the cabinetry and illuminate the pantry. Do not install too many units because the brightness will be overwhelming. For instance, the range stove hoods and refrigerators have their own lighting so you do not have to put more bulbs above them. Additionally, you should install recessed wide-angle lights for an ambient glow and narrow-beam variants for functionality.

Pendant Lights

These light units are relatively decorative so they will add to the aesthetics of the room. There are different types of units so your choice will depend on the primary purpose after installation. Pendant units which cast light generally around the room are great for accent lighting and those that have shade features will create excellent task light for the island or countertops. For enhanced visual appeal, consider using several small-sized pendants around the kitchen to create an open feel. If you like bold design statements, you can chose interesting styles to match with the decor theme in the rest of the home.

Toe-Kick Lights

You should think about installing LED light units below the base cabinets in your kitchen. They are a good addition for ambiance because they will highlight the floors, advance the space and get rid of shadows. They are also functional as night lights so you will be able to use the kitchen without stumbling into the counters and cabinets. You can also enhance expediency by installing motion sensors so that the units will light up when you enter the room.

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