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3 Quick Tips For Creating Storage And Making Any Room Less Cluttered

If a room in your home feels cluttered and messy no matter what you do, it may not be that you need to get rid of any of your beloved items. You may just need to consider some ways of hiding that clutter and getting the space more organized while still looking inviting and relaxing. Consider a few quick tips from the pros for creating storage and making any room less cluttered.

1. Use the space under furniture

Having too many items out in the open is what creates the look of clutter. If you don't think you have hidden space for storage, look under your furniture. In the bedroom, you can slide a storage bin under the bed and hide out-of-season clothes and books. In the kid's rooms, they can put their toys away under the bed. In the living room, you might put away computer or video games by sliding a bin under the sofa or armchair.

2. Hang shelves

If you're not using the space on your walls for storage, then you're missing out on a chance to get every room organized and less cluttered. In a kid's room, put a shelf all around the room up high and use it to store large toys, books, and puzzles. In the bathroom, install shelves above the toilet and use them for washcloths and jars where you can keep all your smaller items.

If you can't afford bookshelves for the living room or den, install less expensive shelves along a wall and use those for books. Shelves can be hung on virtually any wall of your home and they can help you to keep things organized and get small items up and off the floors and tables of the home.

3. Choose storage furniture

Storage furniture is a great way to make the most of the space in your home. A TV entertainment cabinet can be a good choice versus a TV stand, as the space in the cabinet allows you to store computer and video games and all their equipment. A storage ottoman can hide blankets and even books and toys for the children so these are out of the way in the living room. Choose side tables with drawers so you can hide away remote controls, the TV guide, and puzzle books, rather than simply leaving them on the table itself.

These simple tips will help you to find storage space in every room and keep your home looking less cluttered overall. For more ideas, contact a company like Furniture Design Australia.