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Growing Plants As Gifts

Giving people plants for gifts is a wonderful way to give a gift that truly does keep giving. Plants also have the benefit of being remarkably cheap to gift - especially for plants that you can grow from seedlings or off cuts. Read on to discover what the easiest plants to grow are and see why you should always stock up on cheap garden pots.


One of the easiest and cheapest herbs to grow is mint. You simply cut a small segment with some roots out from an existing mint bush and plant in some potting mix and water for a week or two, before it's ready to be gifted. Italian herbs such as basil and oregano are also very easy to grow and a punnet of 6-8 small seedlings will rarely set you back more that a couple of bucks.

Herbs make perfect gifts for graduation, house warming, engagement or weddings


You can also plant seeds or flower bulbs, which are a lovely way of gifting flowers for a sympathy gift, as the blooming flower can be a symbol of hope and remembrance when it comes out. Easy-to-grow flowers from seeds and seedlings include marigolds and sweet peas, which have a lovely fragrance.

Potted roses are perfect for romantic gifts such as anniversaries and Valentine's Day and last longer than a dozen store bought rose stems.

Flowers make good gifts for sympathy, new babies or weddings


Succulents grow by propagating offshoots - so if you have an aloe Vera plant you'll get a steady supply of aloes you can plant out into your stash of pots and gift on. Aloe Vera is a great gift for anyone interested in natural healthcare as the plants can be used for soothing skin irritations and can be used in smoothies.

They make good gifts for birthdays and for get-well wishes. 

Fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable pots are great for people who like to experiment with growing their own food - also, children often find watching the plants grow interesting and educational. Tomatoes, strawberries and capsicums are all easy to grow in pots from very cheap seedlings and easy to use up in day-to-day eating.

They are good gifts for children's birthdays, get-well and housewarmings

As you see from the suggestions above, the gift of a plant can be nearly perfect for every occasion. By stocking up on cheap garden pots and planning ahead, you can give an extremely thoughtful gift for not much money.

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