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Four Signs You are Hiring the Right Removalists for Your Move

When you get ready to move you want to find a removalist that is professional and can handle all of your items with care, regardless of the distance or the amount of items. This means that you can't choose the first removalist company you find. You need to take the choice seriously and look for certain key points that help the right removalists stand out. Here are four signs that you are hiring the right ones for the job.

Price Quotes Based on Your Move

Price quotes are offered by most removalists, but they aren't always based on personalized moves. In many cases they are based on weight, rooms, or a mixture of flat fee options. When you find the right removalist for you, you'll know because they tend to base the price quote on your move specifically. This may be done through an in-home consultation or using an inventory list that you provide.

Inventory Checklists and Approval

An inventory checklist is vital for any move. This is how you know you have everything before you leave and everything arrived safely. Ideally you will already have the inventory list made up for the move, but if you don't a removalist may offer you one to fill in. This inventory list is then given back to the company prior to the moving date and checked off as they pack. You'll know the company is right for you because they will offer this along with an approval option that shows not only did they check it off at the start and completion of the move, but you also approved it.

Insurance Availability

Insurance on your items is the only way to protect you financially if something breaks or is damaged during the move. Some places may offer an option through a third party for this. Though this is a great option, you will want to read the fine print. The ideal company, however, will have insurance as part of the price estimate and it will detail in simple terms everything that is covered and what type of monetary options are available to replace items.

Proper Packing Equipment

The worst thing to find out is that the company you have chosen is not prepared to safely move your items. What you want is a company that shows up with the proper moving equipment, blankets, packing supplies, and something to fill the empty space in the truck so your items do not move around much, if at all, during the move.

These are just four things to look for when you hire the right removalists for your move (such as Kyle Bay Removals & Storage). You should ask any questions prior to hiring a company and also do your research on previous customer reviews either online or through local review applications for smartphones.